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Hotmail is one of the first mail service used in the world.  Before its induction, users were using ISP-based service which was limited and only accessible for limited people.  Hotmail service had allowed people to compose and receive email around the globe without depending those conventional ISP-based mail services. It had launched on July 4 1996 that provided the extreme freedom to access and to compose mails without any restriction. While people were using the mails on a subscription basis that was mainly based on Internet Service Provides those were allowing users to access the internet too.

At the induction, internet was not known to many and few people were using internet at that time. In daily life, the use of the internet was also limited, so that while, it has surfaced, users won’t accept it suddenly still some users were continuing use of their conventional ISP based mail which was limited to users and limited space. Gone those hassle days, at the present time, there are several email services available over the web and they can be accessed with free of cost all over the world.

Security issues

Almost each public domain has security issues as they are open to all. It’s hot history, it was being attacked by a group of hackers and they had amplified a rumor that, anyone can login to Hotmail using the password “eh”. At that time this was beloved as the most lethal attack against any public domain which never had happened in web history. The hackers were managed to enter to any Hotmail account and send messages by creating a unique URL with the second account username and with the help of the valid mail account with a verified message number. Thus, it was not much more hampered but that made a figure to security loopholes. Then such type of attacks has reveled millions of data about users in coming years.

When, Microsoft had taken over Hotmail and changed it to Outlook, it had initially tried to reinforce its security by implementing the latest techniques those are succeed to prevent malware or same kind of attacks. Till today, there is not such hacking news to hot mail reveled. So it is assured that, using hot mail is safe now.

Hotmail account creation

Most of the people get interested to create a Hotmail account for its variety of features. So now the question is that, how to create a Hotmail account. Initially, creating Hotmail account was based on basic information along with few restrictions. There are some guidelines to follow while going to make a Hotmail account.

  • The account creation page can be easily found at its home page.
  • You can easily find out Sign up link and then click.
  • This step will be started asking you first and last of your name.
  • After entering first and last name, the second step will have to choose a username. You can enter your anticipated username, but it’ll automatically redirect and show you whether that username is available or not in his database. It happens because; some of the surnames have been taken already so there is not the same username possible. In this case, it will automatically recommend for the alternatives of your given username.
  • Once you have chosen a username for the account, it will be restricted for all time in Hotmail database and no one can use them either.
  • Password creation process has not any type of restriction and someone can create that on his own way. For better security, passwords should be contained with alphabet, number and symbols. Also minimum seven characters are required to create any password. It won’t allow you to create lesser than that.
  • Once all these fields get filled properly, take a look again for any type of mistyping. After finishing, you need to check on agree terms and conditions. Then click create the account.

Steps for creating an account are quite easy and they are simple enough. It has gone easy for the users those are using Hotmail first time. Its simpler Signup process is one of the best attractions for pulling maximum numbers of people. It is true that, easy sign up process and weak password can be easy to guess and can also be easily hacked. This is the reason many Hotmail users got their accounts being hacked and used for ill purposed. When it has taken by Microsoft, it has taken some effective steps to stop hacking and spamming activities on your email account. Plus, it has made signing up process quite more controlled for security reason. This is the only reason for which we haven’t got any news of hacking Hotmail again.

How outlook is quite different from Hotmail?

After Microsoft’s taken over Hotmail, it had beefed up several steps to make it more user-friendly. The first step was, it was initially kept at different domain and was functioning in the same way till some years. After that, Microsoft targeted to its account service and came to one point that, all account services under one domain will be better and it would provide larger grip over them. It will easily be repaired within small time if there is any security breach learned.  This is the reason, there is some differences being experienced by Hotmail users.

  • At its induction time, users were able to login through the dedicated Hotmail domain.
  • After taken over by Microsoft, it has started functioning a part of the MSN portal.
  • After integration steps are imposed by Microsoft, Hotmail has started working under the live domain and now it has been made a part of Outlook, which is the new induction of Microsoft functioning as a new mail service. If you will want to open the Hotmail homepage, it will redirect you to Outlook.

People, those used Hotmail for many years, they can still visit by their browser and it will be shown as the part of login portal of Microsoft. Plus, people those want to create Hotmail account first time, they can be easily found to sign up for a new Microsoft account and it will be taken place with the same portal. So all these alternations come made the signing up process quite different from before. There are some changes can be experienced while creating any Hotmail account for the first time. These changes are:

  • Hotmail domain doesn’t have any separate location.
  • Someone can easily select Hotmail as their prime email domain address that can be selected at the time when the Microsoft account was created.
  • If someone has created Hotmail email address, he is able to avail all services of Microsoft. That means Hotmail is also regarded as the unified email which has accessibility for all services those are provided by Microsoft.
  • The email interface of Hotmail is similar to new users of the Outlook email service along with similar features and same amenities.

How to sign up to create a new Hotmail account?

If you want to have a new Hotmail account, you need have to go through these steps.

  • There are there domains those will land you on Microsoft portal Hotmail account. These are, or live com.
  • Login panel can be seen at the home page.
  • To create a new account, go through the link provided on this page.
  • That link will redirect you to the sign up page.
  • On this page, you have to fill some given fields.
  • You have to start filling that page from First and Last name.
  • Then you can put your desired username. If that name has been already taken, it will automatically show you some suggestions. If you don’t like them, then you should try for others.
  • It will show you to choose the domain address to your wish. Those are or
  • Then comes the password. This is the most important field to be filled. The password should be chosen as more than eight alphanumeric with special characters. The hard your password, the safe your account will be.
  • Next field will be about basic information. You have to select your gender.
  • After filling all these basic fields, there are some additional fields need to be filled those are related to account security.
  • In this field, you need to enter an alternative email address which is essential in case of account recovery.
  • Apart from them, a valid phone number also needed. Once it has established, you will receive an OTP through the text and this is important enough. If in case you forget your password, though this number you can login with your account.
  • Plus, you will be seen two security questions which are effective if in case you have forgotten your password. In this field, there are some pre prepared questions and you should select them those are easy to you but hard for others.

All these steps are essential to follow and if there is any mandatory step left, your account can be created. After filling all these fields, you need to agree with term and condition and while entering, there are certain captcha will be shown and you need to enter it perfectly. These all arrangements are for securing your account and after all these steps; you have now a fresh and brand new Hotmail account.

What are the benefits of owning a brand new Hotmail account?

Now the question is that, what are the benefits to get being registered with Hotmail? New Hotmail users will a number of upgrading functions those are palpable to scale great freedom while you are mailing. With the use of new Hotmail account, you will get different kinds of benefits; those are very hard to get in different email account holders.

  • Hotmail inbox now comes with different features. A user can avail all the functions while he has landed at the inbox.
  • Tabs are inserted to access different mail segments.
  • Different types of folders are located and allows users to create different labels, those will be easy to filter different mails.
  • Clutter is easy to sweep aside and by this you can aside all useless messages with ease.
  • Using Hotmail account, someone can easily access to various social media sites and having a social media account, there will be easy to connect with friends and relatives with a homely manner sharing photos, videos and emotions. Also, various notifications regarding your social media updates can be easily availed at your in box. So without login to your social media, this account will be letting you know what is going on your page.
  • Separating the incoming mails now become easy with this Hotmail account because you can highlight them with different colors those will be easily recognized.
  • To avail different services from Microsoft like Microsoft documents, spreadsheets and different presentation files are made easy with Hotmail inbox and these are can be easily accessed with your Hotmail account.

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