Hotmail Login email is part of Outlook that is the new web based email service of Microsoft. The Hotmail login process and details have evolved in this new platform where Microsoft ensures that users have a secure way to access their Hotmail Sign in account and can use new and innovative email inbox features.

The login process to follow

Those who are Hotmail users can log on to their email account in easy ways. Though Hotmail domain does not have a separate existence, Microsoft provides a unified login panel for Hotmail and Outlook users in the following way:

  • Whether someone types in the domain address like, or, they are redirected to the same domain address.
  • At there is a unified login panel for Microsoft users; no matter what kind of account holder one is, this login panel provides them access to their account.
  • For Hotmail users they need to start by entering their full email address as username.
  • The next page seeks the password that one has set for their Hotmail account.
  • Once these details are correctly entered you can access your Hotmail account.

There are certain changes that have come by when you wish to login to Hotmail. Instead of entering the username, in the unified login gateway for Hotmail you need to type in your full Hotmail email address in the username field. The password needs to be entered correct as the field is case sensitive.

Login security features for Hotmail

There was a time when Hotmail users found their email accounts infiltrated and hacked into easily; with such security concerns Microsoft stepped up efforts to reduce such mishaps or the possibility of occurrence of the same the following changes were introduced:

  • Hotmail users were asked to choose passwords for their account that would be at least eight characters long; they should ideally contain alphanumeric characters and special characters as well.
  • In the account settings of Hotmail users are encouraged to save additional information that can help to secure their account further. For instance, they can activate the two step verification feature for logging into their account. They can also use the access code feature to surpass keying in of the password.
  • The additional details for security settings pertain to registering a valid phone number, email address and validating the same. These details are used by Hotmail when you have forgotten your account password or need to log in to your email account from a new computer or device.

The two step verification feature of Hotmail

Microsoft introduced this feature as a way to safeguard accounts of Hotmail and Outlook users. This requires one to additionally key in an access code that is sent to a registered phone number as a text message or emailed to an alternate email address. The process of two step verification for Hotmail accounts is as follows:

  • You need to activate the two step verification process by visiting the account security settings.
  • Here an account user needs to register a phone number; this is validated by keying in the code that is sent as a text message to the number.
  • The other option is to register an alternate email address or to do both. The email address also needs to be validated similarly.
  • Once these details are updated in one’s Hotmail account, they can avail of the two step verification feature to secure the login of their account.
  • The two step verification feature comes into effect when one is logging into their account for the first time from any device, whether it is a desktop or laptop; it also enables one to receive alerts when Microsoft detects that a new login attempt has been made.

Access code login for Hotmail users

This is an innovative way to securely access one’s Hotmail account without having to remember one’s password. At the same time, it also helps to secure one’s account from hacking attempts.

  • One is asked to download an app for their smart phone.
  • The app then syncs to one’s Hotmail account.
  • A code is sent to the app every time one wishes to access their account.
  • This code can be synced from the phone to one’s device or computer to provide access to Hotmail.

With the access code feature, a unique ID code is used which is sent to the registered phone of the user. This syncs and unlocks one’s Hotmail account, surpassing the requirement to key in the password.

Users are also asked to maintain certain safety habits to ensure that the login process remains secure in their Hotmail account. For instance, they should select the option to stay logged into their account only when they are the sole users of a computer, laptop, smartphone or tablet. It is advised that one logs out after every email session when they are working from a shared computer. This helps to ensure that the email account remains secure from unauthorized use.

Organizational features of Hotmail accounts

There are several convenient features offered for Hotmail users to organize their email inbox such as:

  • There is a focused inbox feature that ensures that you see the correspondence that matters to you and the others are moved to a separate section.
  • Once the settings are made, you will find the focused section to showcase every time you open your inbox.
  • There is a sweep feature that allows you to separate clutter in a single sweep once you select the emails that you wish to remove from your main inbox.
  • If you have a travel booking in your email correspondence or have saved such details in your calendar, tasks, these would be highlighted as alerts in your email inbox.

These are some of the key organization features that Hotmail offers through its new webmail interface to the users. There are color coordinated themes and folder options for organizing your inbox and emails in different customized ways.

Social correspondence on Hotmail

If you have several social media accounts and find it tiresome keeping up with different posts and updates on these accounts, Hotmail makes it simple for you in the following way:

  • You can sync social media accounts like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter with your Hotmail account.
  • This will help you see updates from these accounts as they happen; you can also open these posts and make edits or send new updates or posts directly from your Hotmail account.

With Hotmail synced to your social media accounts there is no need to separately log into the different accounts separately.

Collaboration features for Hotmail

It has become beneficial to use Hotmail as your official or business email account as well. There are several easy and convenient ways to collaborate with teams and work groups through this email interface:

  • Creation of alias accounts is possible under a single username in Hotmail; this enables you to separate different kinds of correspondence or receive communication from different work groups or personal contacts.
  • Sharing files such as documents, spreadsheets and presentation files becomes easy with Hotmail; not only can you attach large attachments with ease, but use the cloud sharing facility, not only of OneDrive but also access other cloud services like Google Drive.
  • Hotmail accounts come integrated with Office; as a result the whole suite of office applications becomes available for Hotmail users. Whether you wish to create, edit or share word documents, spreadsheets, presentation files and others, these are easily done with Hotmail as Microsoft has made Office available on the new web mail interface.

With the file sharing and Office suite features, Hotmail is definitely one of the modern email services that can help people combine the ease of business correspondence and collaborating on the go.

Login features of Hotmail app

For those who wish to make the most of their Hotmail account needs to download the versatile app of Outlook. This will provide them access to their Hotmail account as easily as it is possible on a desktop. The features that Hotmail app can offer are several:

  • The same features as found in the desktop version can be availed on the mobile app interface.
  • The functions are showcased in a simpler way to make it easy to work on the mobile Hotmail app on a smartphone or tablet.
  • One can organize their emails into the focused inbox area or sweep away clutter as easily as they can do on their desktop email version.
  • Calendar tasks can be synced with alerts or notifications and these can be shared with others as well.
  • File attachments or working on Office files are easy on the mobile app also; it is possible to access OneDrive or Google Drive functions through this app.
  • Syncing of social contacts and social media accounts becomes easy on the app.
  • The other convenient feature is syncing other email accounts on the Hotmail app; this will help you check emails of other services as well and not have to access other apps separately.

The above features showcase the amenities that Hotmail app can provide to users. The convenient features make the mobile friendly app allow all kinds of tasks to be done on the go, whether one is accessing their Hotmail on a smart phone or tablet. The above points showcase how Hotmail can become a user friendly email service when you use the app as well.

Today, Hotmail has been made more user friendly and convenient with the new features that Microsoft has added to it. With the new security layers and features added the Hotmail users need not be worried about the security of their account any more. Even if the accounts are kept open in different devices, the security protocol for Microsoft keeps the email accounts safe.

For those who are looking to open a new Hotmail account, they will gain the benefit of the new age features that the email inbox provides. The inbox layout is intuitive and the functions are easy to figure out. When one is an existing user of Hotmail, they will find all their old correspondence moved to the new domain with every data intact. The new organization features allow one to make the most of them in getting rid of clutter, identifying spam and keeping them away as well as developing a focused area of their inbox where they receive messages that are important to them.

The above points help one to realize how workable Hotmail is and can be used for different communication purposes, whether it is personal or business. These aspects help new users to consider creating a Hotmail account. They can choose the domain name option at the time of signing up for creating a new Microsoft account. The login details of a Hotmail user come of use when they wish to access other Microsoft services like Skype, OneDrive and associated services offered on the inbox such as Uber and PayPal services that have associated with Microsoft.

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