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Hotmail is now part of the Outlook email service that forms the organized email domain of Microsoft.  The sign in process is through a unified domain or login panel that provides access to any of the several services that Microsoft provides.

Sign in process for Hotmail account holders

Hotmail account holders can sign into their account by following the steps mentioned below:

  • Type in, or in their web browser.
  • They will be redirected to where the login access is provided.
  • The page has a single and unified login panel.
  • Here one is prompted to type in their username which is the email address in full.
  • Once the email address is typed in one is asked to key in their password.
  • There are other alternatives such as using the access code feature that Microsoft provides to override the password requirement.
  • If you choose to log in using the password option, you need to key it incorrectly as the field is case sensitive.
  • If you choose to enter using the access code, this needs to be configured from before in your account settings.
  • With an app synced to your phone, you will be sent a security code every time you wish to sign into your Hotmail account.
  • You can then simply type in this code and not have to remember to type in the password every time.
  • For those who access their Hotmail account frequently, they can opt for saving the password of their account by the option that is provided next to the login panel.

The sign in process for Hotmail has been made secure by providing several security measures. The unified login panel makes it convenient for Hotmail users to access their account easily.  In the following sections we look at the revised security settings that have been brought about in the new email regime by Microsoft. Also, the change that has come by in Hotmail with respect to inbox features is also discussed as well as how to form a new account on Hotmail domain.

Changes in sign in process of Hotmail

If you are an old user of Hotmail, there are several changes that have come by when you wish to log in and use your old Hotmail account. Here are some points to know:

  • The Hotmail domain does not have a separate existence and it is merged with
  • Even if you type in in your web browser window, you will be redirected to
  • Here you will find a common login panel for all Microsoft account services; this is a difference from the usual login panel that was provided in the Hotmail domain earlier or on MSN.
  • You need to key in your full email address as the username; this is another point of difference from the earlier way of signing in.

The other aspects of saving your login details remain the same. Once you login for the first time through, you will want to save your login details to not have to key in these details every time you wish to check your email.

Changes in login security features

The Hotmail users in the past have suffered many instances of finding their email accounts being infiltrated and hacked into. To avoid users easily accessing Hotmail accounts, Microsoft has introduced several security measures that it encourages all Hotmail users to incorporate:

  • The password that one chooses for their account needs to be a mix of alphanumeric characters with special characters added.
  • The password needs to be unique and should be at least eight characters long.
  • Users are advised to change their passwords from time to time.
  • They are encouraged to activate the two step verification process.
  • Under this, users are asked to add more information under their account’s security settings.
  • These include adding and getting an alternate email address and phone number verified.
  • Once the verification is done, you will have the option of securing your login process by additionally having to key in the secure access code that is either emailed to your alternate email address or sent as a text message to your registered phone number.
  • The 2-step verification process makes it hard for anyone to easily hack into your account.
  • Microsoft also provides the option of overriding the need to enter your password by keying in an access code that is sent to your phone number that is synced with your account.

The above points showcase how your Hotmail account is made secure by the new measures that Microsoft has taken to safeguard the accounts of the users.

Email inbox features for Hotmail users

Those who used the old Hotmail account will find a difference in the way the new email inbox is organized. While the old mail and saved correspondence is still preserved, the new web mail interface of Outlook offer new features for organizing as well as to other modern conveniences to Hotmail users as well.

  • Organization of emails and contacts as well as calendar tasks is made easy on the new email inbox layout. There is a focused section where one can save contacts or emails that matter to one so that one can check this section quickly and not have to shift through other correspondence to get to this section.
  • The calendar tasks are also prioritized on your email inbox. Once you update travel and other itinerary information on your email, calendar, you will receive notifications, alerts and updates if there are any changes that have occurred. If you receive flight related information in your inbox, the same get updated on your calendar tasks automatically.
  • The new Hotmail email inbox allows you to share or use cloud storage features. Besides gaining access to OneDrive, which Microsoft provides, one can also use Dropbox for sharing or storing files that they receive in their inbox.
  • Office integration is another useful feature of the new Hotmail inbox. With Microsoft Office suite offered as part of your email inbox features, you will easily create different documents, whether they are word documents or spreadsheets; even PowerPoint file creation and editing of the same is possible on your new Hotmail inbox.
  • Collaboration for office correspondence becomes easier with the Hotmail inbox features. You can create as well as share different kinds of documents, spreadsheets and presentation files as well as edit them on your inbox interface itself.
  • Staying connected with social media accounts has become easier with Hotmail. Facebook. LinkedIn and other services like Skype, PayPal, Uber and others are all linked with Hotmail. Hence, you can update your posts, read up latest conversations as well as use the associated services without having to leave your email inbox.

The above features are some of the several innovative aspects that are part of the new Hotmail experience. Those who used old Hotmail inbox would have only used the traditional features; with the new Hotmail inbox there are innovative ways to reduce clutter, arrange correspondence as per importance, link to social media services and much more.

Mobile app features

It is easy to access your Hotmail inbox on your smart phone or tablet. The Outlook app provides several features that make it easy for you to stay connected to your inbox on the go:

  • It is easy to find the Outlook app for your Android or iOS devices.
  • Once you locate the app you can download and install the app for free.
  • The login details need to be incorporated. If you have activated the two step verification process, you would be prompted to enter the code that is sent as a text code to your phone or to your registered alternate email address.
  • Once the login details are verified, you can use the option to save the details so that you need not enter the login details every time.
  • The Hotmail app for your iOS as well as Android devices has all the functions that you would find in the standard computer or desktop version.
  • Not only can you login into your Hotmail account through this app, but also sync other email accounts such as Gmail on the same app.
  • Hence, one can check their different email accounts without having to switch between different apps.
  • It is possible to work on calendar events, contacts as well as attached files even on your mobile app interface.
  • The swipe feature to archive or delete messages makes it simple and effective to organize your Hotmail inbox.
  • There are several innovative features that one can enjoy in the new Hotmail app; for instance, it is possible to schedule an email that will return to your inbox at a later time.
  • With a few taps, it is possible to schedule meetings or share calendar events with contacts on your email app; hence, it is possible to collaborate with work teams with your email inbox features.
  • The concept of focused inbox is available on your desktop as well as mobile version; this feature allows you to save or direct all important emails to this focused section which can help you quickly find important correspondence.
  • The app provides you easy access to OneDrive, Google Drive or other cloud services that make it possible to share and save files from your email mobile app.

The above points showcase the versatility of the new Hotmail app. Hence, all the new features of the new email inbox interface can be found on your mobile app as well. This makes it possible to check your email and respond to important correspondence on the go. Your inbox stays linked to social media accounts and hence, making posts and updates on these accounts is possible through your inbox. When you check your conversations through your email, you can respond to them through the same interface. Being able to check email of other services is also a benefit of the app. Hence, the versatile app lets you do much and you need not open up separate apps for several functions and services.

One login access to all Microsoft services

Your Hotmail account login details act as the key to different services that Microsoft offers. Whether you have purchased a new Windows OS based device or the latest Office suite, you are required to have a Microsoft account to access this software. Services like Skype also require you to have a Microsoft account. All such access can be defined by the one and only login set that Hotmail provides. Hence, there is much more that you can do with your Hotmail login credentials. You can use the same to authenticate yourself as a Microsoft account holder when accessing Windows, Office, Skype, OneDrive and several other services that Microsoft offers. Hence, the same Hotmail account login credentials can help you do so much more and access different services easily without having to create different login or accounts every time, when it comes to Microsoft especially.

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